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Best 9 Exercises to Help You Get Rid of Hip Dips

Many are talking about hip dips, yet only some know if they are appropriate or inappropriate.

Well, neither. Hip dips are part of our human anatomy, and their frequency depends on your muscular and skeletal structure. Hip dips appear as inward curvatures or dents near where legs meet hips; some people have them while others do not; fitness instructors and specialists have developed effective methods and means for eliminating them; before making plans to remove hip dips yourself, however, you must understand their cause first.

What Causes hip dips?

Hip dips are the result of the shape of your pelvis. While none are visible to others, all hip dips exist within their frames as an everyday feature of their body – but how noticeable they are depends upon various circumstances.

Your hip width determines how wide or narrow your hip dips will be.

Hip dips can also be distinguished by measuring the diameter of your femur bone.

Hip dips may become visible because of the distance between your extra trochanter, ilium, and hip socket.

Factors such as your femoral neck length, body fat distribution, and muscle mass all play an integral part in making your hip dips visible to others.

How Can You Treat Hip Dips?

While many individuals can easily live with hip dips, others become more self-aware about how their lower body may appear. If you want to rid yourself of hip dips, here are the pinnacle sports activities to try.

Best 9 Exercises to Help You Get Rid of Hip Dips

Squats (Decrease Frame Exercise)


Squats are one of the best exercises available to reduce frame exercisers to perfectly tone your buttocks while at the same time reducing hip dip visibility.

Standing hip-width apart and squatting, ensure your knees track over your feet without expanding past them. Push up with weight on your heels until your glutes are squeezed on top; you may use weighted hands for this movement too.

Fire Hydrants

Fire Hydrants exercise

As its name implies, this exercise provides your hip area with the necessary stimulation, making it more toned. Begin on all-fours in a tabletop position. Ensure your lower back remains directly over your core while lifting one leg until it touches the buttocks.

Drive the leg upward with your knee and check that both knees and feet are in line with one another. Engage both glutes to ensure that your buttocks remain balanced; if this motion makes your upper body uneasy, bring down both hands gently towards one side for comfort.

Glute Bridges

Glute Bridges

Women looking to gain more muscular, toned buttocks while decreasing hip dips will find glute bridges a practical exercise. Start by mendacity onto your back, then bring your heels up close to the mat, ensuring they remain several inches away from your buttocks while your knees point upwards.

Take your toes a bit wider than shoulder-width apart so your feet face outwards, with knees pushing outwards for increased gluteus medius engagement. Engage facet glutes by manipulating the pelvis; allow it to rest for one second, and deliver it back down again onto the ground.

Hip Abduction

Hip Abduction

This movement is simple. Lie on your side and use your upper arm to support the higher frame by placing it in front of your chest.

Maintain a steady center and top frame while raising one leg upward and slowly lowering back down with control. Repeat.

Seated Abduction

Seated Abduction

Please take a seat on the floor with both legs bent and your knees touching, keeping the arms close behind so as to support your back while leaning back slightly on them so as not to strain or slump while maintaining this posture. Do no longer slouch while in this position.

Just open your knees outward while keeping the toes together while maintaining balance on each step. Return to where you started and repeat. This move can be accomplished either without or with a band.



Clams Start this movement by lying prone on the floor in your side position, resting your head on an arm that rests on it, and moving your hips and knees until they form 45-degree angles and 90 degrees, respectively.

Now, push your knee far from your core while pressing both feet together. Pause at the same time as attending to your top glutes and abs. Return to the ground. Repeat.

Glute Rainbows 

Glute Rainbows 

Glute Rainbows Another glute exercise to target hip dips effectively and decrease them is glute rainbows. Set all fours down on the mat. Raise one leg behind you while moving in an arc motion while keeping both legs parallel and the body as a whole.

Sweep the leg back past your starting position towards the lateral function while engaging your left hip, then return to the center position before repeating this movement with the other leg.

Side Lunge 

Side Lunge exercise

Side lunges can help your quads, glutes, and lower body muscles develop more robust. To perform them successfully, stand on your mat with feet together – engage core muscles as you lunge laterally with this movement to push back on your bum.

Keep pushing through the heel of your lunging foot, switching sides as you go.

Curtsy Lunge 

Curtsy Lunge 

Curtsy Lunge This motion is similar to the first, with slight modifications. Begin by standing with feet hip-width apart and lunging backward. Cross your lunging leg onto the other facet for a deep curtsy position.

Return to your original position using the heel of your front foot to drive back downhill and repeat this movement with the other leg.

Combine the above-listed exercises with your other workout routine and eating plan for maximum effect. Doing these movements consistently will help you tone up your buttocks while decreasing hip dips to reduce volume.

Are You Waiting? Get out of your yoga mat and begin exercising now; for more on fitness, beauty, and lifestyle issues, stay linked with us here.


  1. How to get rid of hip dips?

    Answer: Strengthening hip abductor muscles through targeted exercises may help reduce the appearance of hip dips.

  2. Can you get rid of hip dips?

    Answer: While you can't completely eliminate hip dips, exercises and workouts can help minimize their prominence.

  3. What exercises get rid of hip dips?

    Answer: Side leg lifts, glute bridges, and lateral band walks are practical exercises to target and tone the hip area.

  4. Can exercise get rid of hip dips?

    Answer: Regular exercise can improve muscle definition and reduce the appearance of hip dips.

  5. Can I get rid of my hip dips?

    Answer: You can work on minimizing the appearance of hip dips through consistent exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

  6. Can squats get rid of hip dips?

    Answer: Squats can strengthen the surrounding muscles, which may help in reducing the visibility of hip dips.

  7. Can surgery get rid of hip dips?

    Answer: Surgical procedures like fat transfer or silicone implants can be considered to address hip dips, but they have risks and limitations.

  8. Can working out get rid of hip dips?

    Answer: Yes, regular workouts targeting the hip and gluteal muscles can help improve the appearance of hip dips.

  9. Can you get rid of hip dips naturally?

    Answer: While you can't completely eliminate hip dips, a combination of exercise and a healthy diet can naturally reduce their prominence.

  10. Does losing weight get rid of hip dips?

    Answer: Losing weight can make hip dips less noticeable as it may reduce overall body fat.

  11. Does pregnancy get rid of hip dips?

    Answer: Pregnancy can affect the hip area but won't eliminate hip dips completely.

  12. How fast can I get rid of hip dips?

    Answer: The time it takes to reduce the visibility of hip dips varies based on individual factors like genetics, diet, and exercise consistency.

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