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Transform Your Home Decor with these Gorgeous Ikat Throw Pillow Covers

Add beauty and flair to your home decor with these stunning Ikat Throw Pillow Covers.

Add new throw pillow covers for an easy and quick way to update your decor and make a substantial impactful statement in no time! Ikat dyeing techniques create eye-catching abstract patterns on fabric, instantly elevating any space. Ikat throw pillow covers are one style that will do just that – perfect for adding color and texture!

At Alesouk, we offer an impressive variety of elegant Ikat pillow covers to meet every style and size need. Constructed from high-quality, durable fabric that’s easy to maintain and clean up after, Alesouk’s selection will add the perfect pop of color or subtle texture ikat pillow cover to your space.

Here are a few tips for incorporating Ikat Throw Pillow Covers into your home decor:

Choose Your Color Scheme When Selecting Ikat Pillow Coversceapa When selecting your Ikat pillow covers, consider the color scheme of your room. When selecting colors that complement or contrast with existing decor – such as neutral furniture with neutral tones; bold and bright Ikat pillow covers may add a lively pop of color; for rooms featuring more daring, vibrant decor, choose more subdued styles for balance and create a balanced look.

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Mix and Match Patterns Don’t be intimidated to experiment with mixing different patterns and textures when choosing Ikat pillow covers, such as stripes, polka dots, or florals. Ikat pairs beautifully with other designs such as stripes, polka dots, and florals; just be sure to balance out your collection of Ikat pillows with solid-colored ones to prevent your room from feeling too busy.

Scale Ikat patterns

Play With Scale Ikat patterns come in all different sizes, so consider playing with scale when selecting pillow covers. If you have a smaller space, choose smaller-scale patterns so as not to overpower the room, while for larger areas, go for bolder statement pieces with larger-scale ikat designs for maximum impact.


Layer Your Pillows Layering pillows is an effective way to create depth and dimension in any space. Combine various sizes and shapes of cushions in different textures, such as velvet or linen, for an eye-catching visual. Add in some ikat pillow covers for an eclectic aesthetic!

Here are our favorite Ikat Throw Pillow Covers:

Blue and White Ikat Pillow Cover This exquisite blue and white Ikat pillow cover adds a vibrant splash of color to any room, featuring its striking abstract pattern that is eye-catching yet soft yet durable fabric.

Pink and Grey Ikat Pillow Cover This beautiful Pink and Grey Ikat Pillow Cover makes the perfect accent piece in any feminine or boho-inspired space. With its soft colors and intricate pattern, this romantic pillow cover gives a quiet romantic atmosphere.

Red and Yellow Ikat Pillow Cover

Red and Yellow Ikat Pillow Cover For those seeking to make an impression statement with their decor, this red and yellow Ikat cover makes an excellent statement piece with vibrant hues and large-scale patterns that create a striking aesthetic in any room.

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Green and Blue Ikat

Green and Blue Ikat Cover Lumbar pillows provide additional seating support, and this green and blue Ikat lumbar pillow cover makes a statement in any space with its distinctive pattern and vibrant colors. It will bring much-needed support while standing out from other pieces in any setting.

Black and White Ikat Pillow Cover

Black and White Ikat Pillow Cover If you’re searching for an elegant yet versatile Ikat pillow cover, look no further! With neutral colors and abstract patterns, this black-and-white option makes a fantastic statement in any decor style.

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