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Here are the 20 Best Comebacks to Being Called a Brat

Being called a brat can be hurtful and offensive, and it’s natural to want to respond with a smart comeback to put the person in their place. While walking away to avoid unnecessary drama is sometimes the best choice, having some clever comebacks up your sleeve can be empowering. In this article, we’ll discuss a collection of very smart comebacks that can turn the tables around and leave the person regretting their actions. This article is for you if you’ve ever found yourself stranded for words in such a situation.

20 Best Comebacks to Being Called a Brat

“I’ll Pass Because You Speak Trash All the Time”

You might receive the perfect response to handle an insult in any situation. Some people may suggest walking away to be a better person, and I partly agree with that. Ignoring a hurtful comment can be a wise move at times. However, why not leave a clever comeback while passing by? When someone calls you a brat, you could say you’ll pass and ignore their insult. But why not add something of your own? Let them know you’ll overlook their insult because they always speak trash. So, their calling you a brat is just part of their nonsense. Trust me; it will hit them. No one wants to believe they’re filled with trash.

“It Takes One to Know”

Here’s another perfect comeback you can try when someone calls you a brat. It’s a great response that gives them a taste of their medicine. What makes it even smarter is that you can say it casually, throwing it at them as if you don’t care about their opinion, leaving them more insulted. When you say, “It takes one to know one,” they won’t have a better comeback because you’ve just turned the tables on them.

“You Are Not Different, You Know”

Repay them their favor by being respectful in return. For instance, if someone accuses you of being offensive due to something you did or said, this response sends the message, ‘Maybe sometimes I could be an irritating brat, but ultimately, we are similar in many respects.” It encourages self-reflection while simultaneously increasing mutual understanding among the parties involved.

“Try Better Next Time”

When you want to show the speaker that their words haven’t affected you and haven’t ruined your day, this response works great. By saying “Alright,” you acknowledge that they tried to say something, possibly to insult you. Then, “try better next time” lets them know they failed. It also directly tells them that they’re not good at insulting people. You’re advising them to put more effort if they want the reaction they’re looking for. This comeback is perfect for dealing with someone who enjoys being a jerk or a bully to others. It stands firm and shows that its attempts to hurt you are ineffective.

“Who Cares?”

This is a great method to address people who are being rude and are calling you an idiot. If you respond with “Who cares?” It shows that you don’t care about the opinions of others about you. If they believe you’re a sexist, they must remain silent. It’s a nice rebuttal that can be used to dispel your comments and not listen to them. This way of responding shows that their opinions do not influence you, and you’ll not allow their negative comments to bother you.

“Take Some Chill; You Look Like Shit.”

Another way to respond to those who call you a brat is by offering an excellent response. If you tell them to “take a chill,” it’s like saying you’ve put in a lot of effort to get you hurt. In the end, they’ll look awful and look like a shite. The reversal suggests their reckless behavior isn’t worth the risk, as they harm themselves. It also comes off as advice or sarcastic advice for someone rude. This is a way to demonstrate that you don’t care about their snarkiness and that their attitude isn’t a good reflection of their character.

“You Don’t Even Check Yourself Before You Speak”

Tell them they don’t deserve being insulted – an excellent way of showing you’ll accept insult from another, but won’t accept one from them – by suggesting they don’t censor their behavior before speaking, it shows they are no superior to you and that their conduct doesn’t reflect who they are. This response can show their words won’t harm anyone and that their conduct doesn’t reflect who they truly are as individuals.

“Your Character Stinks”

If someone accuses you of being an arrogant snob, respond by informing them that their character does not warrant being put down in that manner. Doing this shows that insulting words from anyone are unacceptable while showing your support of their efforts towards becoming better people. Please take this opportunity to prove yourself and demonstrate to them that their harmful remarks won’t change your personality at all!

“Are You Done Being Sick?”

Another great response to use if someone is criticizing you. A great response can make the person who insults you realize that their effort to make you feel bad reflects something wrong with their character. If someone calls you a brat, Ask the person this question. It’ll make them think twice because you’re offering them what they hoped to provide you. You can use this tactic to prove that their negative comments won’t impact your feelings and that their actions are more about them than you.

“Who Asked for Your Opinion?”

If someone is rude to you or makes a snide comment, ask them, “Who was asking for your opinion?” This is a great way to respond, which shows that they have no right to say anything in the first place and even try to make fun of you. When you use this strategy when someone says you’re an obnoxious person, you’re telling them you don’t respect their opinions regarding you. This response can strike the person hard, causing them to acknowledge their mistake while trying to lower their arrogance. This is a great way to make a comeback, particularly when surrounded by people simultaneously since it establishes your boundaries and makes them aware that your words won’t be accepted.

“You Are Not Better”

As soon as someone insults you, this tactic is a good way of showing them they don’t deserve their abuse. If someone called you brats and you responded this way, they would see that which might make them look worse. Use it to show that insults don’t hold any power over you – show that insults don’t matter and don’t have the same authority over you as before. Using it efficiently may force their negative attitudes away and encourage more thoughtful actions from them!

“But I Don’t Need Your Spittle on My Face”

You’re letting the speaker know you’re annoyed with their attitude. No matter how much they try to be a jerk, they should stay away from you. When you use this response, it’s not that the speaker directly insulted you, but you’re simply telling them to keep their distance. It’s like saying, “Okay, I understand you, but can you please leave me alone.” This perfect comeback will make the speaker realize they shouldn’t have messed with you in the first place. Use it to assert yourself and set boundaries, showing you won’t tolerate their negativity.

“If I Were You, I’d Think Before I Spew Nonsense Next Time”

A second excellent comeback is provided. Turn the tables and make them the one who feels small with this answer. It warns the speaker that they might need to reevaluate their approach before disrespectfully addressing you again. The answer boosts your confidence by indicating that their words cannot shake you. Remember, you can stand up to insults and put the other person in their place. Utilize this retort to demonstrate your resilience in the face of negativity.

“Hey, Calm Down. Jealousy Isn’t Good for Anyone. I Hope You Heal Soon”

In the vast and varied emotional landscape, jealousy can momentarily consume a person’s cognition. It can alter them into a less appealing version. A persistent and bothersome mental entity can slowly chip away at one’s reason, leading to behavioural regrets. When confronted with hostile remarks rooted in resentment, you must be clever and composed.

“Are You Normally This Horrible, or Do You Take Lessons?”

Insults can be similar to persistent insects that annoyingly swarm around us. But worry not! A top-notch bug spray from us keeps unwelcome insects at bay. This article examines amusing and constructive approaches for dealing with insults, particularly those addressed towards individuals dubbed ‘brats’. Prepare to counter incoming jabs with intelligent retorts to catch your foes off guard!

“Don’t You Ever Take a Day Off from Being a Pain?”

Dealing with annoying people can be quite a challenge. Some individuals thrive on being a constant source of irritation to others. So, try this response when someone you know, who’s always a bully, calls you a brat. Ask them, “Aren’t you tired of being a pain?” It’s a perfect comeback that suits them perfectly, letting them know how annoying they’ve always been. Use this retort to assert yourself and show them their hurtful words won’t affect you. Remember, sometimes the best response is to call out their behaviour, and this simple phrase does just that!

“This is the Part Where I Say Something Rude too. But I’m Sorry, I’ve Got no Time for Fools Today. Look Somewhere Else”

When someone calls you a brat, use this powerful comeback to make them blush. Stay calm and reply with this response, and watch them squirm in embarrassment. This is a great retort that gives them a taste of their own medicine multiplied by ten. If there’s an audience around, using this comeback will make them regret ever trying to insult you. Let them know they’re not worth your time, and also make them aware of their foolishness. This simple yet impactful retort will show them that their words hold no power over you, and you won’t let their negativity affect you.

“Okay, Bye. My Dog Is Worth This Attention”

No one relishes being equated with a dog or finds it flattering to be deemed less important than a beloved pet. You can respond with this witty remark when addressed as a spoiled child. Express your desire to converse with your dog instead of their company. A potent comeback is most effective when delivered before departing. The explanation should cause them to recognize their earlier error in labelling you as a spoiled child. Apply it to assert your dignity and show that you won’t endure disrespect. Recall that putting someone in their position with a concise yet potent retort is sometimes the most effective action.

“Spell Brat”

You must taste this for yourself! Deliver a clever comeback when labelled a brat to leave your counterpart questioning their spelling abilities. Play along as if they couldn’t know how to spell “brat.” This unexpected response will render them speechless, putting a spring in their step. Displaying one’s immunity to insults through humour in a lighthearted manner. It might even prompt the insulter to laugh at their futile attempt. Tapping into one’s comedic side can be a successful strategy for countering negative influences. Use this amusing retort to bring a smile to someone’s face!

“Alright, but It Isn’t a Crime, Yea? So, Can I Go Now? I Can’t-Wait to Breathe Better”

Absolutely! Being a brat is not a crime, so you can confidently throw this retort back at them, showing that their insult didn’t affect you. And while you’re at it, let them know that you’d rather be anywhere else than near them. Saying, “I can’t wait to breathe better,” conveys that their presence feels suffocating and unpleasant. This simple yet effective response will make them realize that their words hold no power over you, and you won’t let their negativity linger in your life. Use it with confidence and watch them squirm in their discomfort!


When someone calls you a brat, don’t let them off the hook easily. Show them that their unkind words won’t ruffle you. These comebacks are powerful tools to put them in their place. Feel free to use any of them that resonates with you, and watch the person regret ever speaking those hurtful words. Let them realize it’s better to keep their negative thoughts to themselves. Stand tall and confident, and don’t allow anyone to bring you down with their insults. These witty responses will show them that their attempts to hurt you have failed, and their negativity won’t shake you. Use them wisely, and take control of the situation with grace and assertiveness!

Remember, being a brat is not a crime, and you can defend yourself against hurtful remarks. Choose the appropriate response that aligns with your personality and the situation, and don’t let anyone’s negativity affect your self-worth. Stay strong and confident in who you are, and the words of others will have little power over you. You’ve got this!

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